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THE ANSWER BOOK FOR BUYERSBuying a property is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, and you should be able to feel confident throughout the process knowing that you have an expert on your side guiding you through such a large purchase. My purpose is to assist you with finding your dream home while ensuring that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Below  are just a few of the services I provide for you.

Helping you define your objectives

I’ll initially have a discussion with you to explain what the home-buying process will entail. Additionally, I’ll ask the following questions which can help me better understand your wants and needs for your soon-to-be new home.

  • Why do you want to buy a new home?
  • What type of home are you looking for?
  • In what neighborhood do you want to reside?
  • How do you plan to finance the purchase?
  • What is your ideal time frame?

Providing assistance with setting up financing

Once we both have a clear idea regarding the type of home you want to buy, it’s important to discuss financial aspects. If you need to take out a loan, the first step is to obtain pre-approval from a finance company. They’ll ask you for a number of financial documents, so it’s best that you prepare as many of them as you can in advance so you’ll already have them on hand upon request.

Helping you find the right home

We’ll work together to find the best property for you by combining my knowledge of the real estate market and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with details regarding what you want and need in a new home. I’ll pre-qualify a shortlist of properties, continue to update that list as new properties come on the market, provide all the relevant information about them, and arrange visits to the most suitable properties at times that accommodate your schedule.

Helping you negotiate the terms of the purchase

Once you’ve chosen a property, I’ll write an offer on your behalf that outlines all the terms of the sale including the price, the amount of the deposit, the closing date, the financing terms, and the inspections that have to take place. The offer is then presented to the seller who has up to 48 hours to respond with an acceptance, rejection, or counter offer. If the offer is countered, I’ll negotiate the new terms on your behalf. Once a seller has accepted an offer and both parties have signed, the offer becomes a formal contract and it’s then up to both parties to fulfill the terms.

Going over the details of the contract with you

Typically, the contract will cover:

  • Making a deposit (earnest money)
  • Securing financing
  • Doing inspections
  • Doing a title search and taking out title insurance
  • Having the property appraised (this is done by the lender)
  • Taking out homeowners insurance
  • The date of the closing
  • The contingencies that will permit the buyer to withdraw from the contract

Providing a list of reputable professionals

During the process of acquiring your new home, you’ll need to employ a number of professionals ranging from home inspectors to air conditioning specialists. If you don’t already have your own in mind, I can provide you with a list of recommendations from which you can choose.

Managing your purchase according to required time frames

I’ll set up a timetable to ensure that all the terms of the contract are met as expected. I’ll also maintain contact with everyone involved and troubleshoot if problems arise. Although every transaction is different and problems may happen, I’ll do everything within my power to make the transaction as easy and stress-free as possible.

After your purchase, I’ll remain in contact with you as you settle into your new home.

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